Sacred Hill

Sacred Hill


With the project Sacred Hill, Ali Eslami and Klasien van de Zandschulp research how ‘sacredness’ can be used to shape and make sense of our virtual space. Sacred Hill explores and broadens our human imagination by finding correlations between space, perception, the human body and its senses, and superhuman experiences.

The result is a vibrant speculative scene that’s constantly reshaping itself. Sacred Hill is a space created by humans and non-humans, non-living entities and digital life forms, as an emerging form of existence: a new sacred space.

In summer 2019 the artists will be working on an interactive installation including a virtual reality experience and a live (multi-sensory) performance. This will be exhibited in the Neuhaus exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut (Rotterdam, NL), where the artists are constantly adding new elements over time as addition to their research.

The result will be premiered at Het Nederlands Filmfestival (Utrecht, NL) in September / October 2019.



1. The rise of the hill

The artists invited visual artist Mamali Shafahi to work with them on a physical installation to create a bridge to the virtual sacredness, expanding the borders of the physical reality as we know it.
Visit the installation at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

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2. Virtual pilgrimage

Launch of the Virtual Reality project “Sacred Hill”.

Launch August 28th




3. The Ceremony

A multi-sensory performance to connect the physical space with the virtual space and prepare you for your trip to Sacred Hill.

Launch September 12th