The rise of the hill

Their feet started to feel warm once they arrived at the location. Like a warm radiation was rising from the earth. These four humans have been travelling for a long time now, searching for the location. The location that will expand their imagination, to find a system for belief, a new form of sacredness that will answer their needs. While walking it went dark. The darkness felt like a blanket of silence that was spread out over them. Suddenly their measurement instruments started to spin hysterically. No one spoke at this point, but everyone held their breath out of a combination of excitement mixed with anxiousness. They noticed how their sense of direction vanished completely. They approached a huge, dark blockade. The human in front, the most adventurous one and always positive minded, pushed it. The blockade started to move. The four approached a huge space. An infinite fluorescent grid started to light up in the darkness, like it was giving them a warm welcome. They were happy to see this grid. This proved that most likely virtual magic happened here. They were so desperately longing for a sacred space that offers an escape from their daily whereabouts in this earthly environment. After the huge hacking scandal, the trust in the hierarchical lead nations died at a fast pace. In this post-knowledge era, belief systems involving a God were killed by the new insights that artificial systems gave them. These artificial systems use knowledge that lives in plants, animals, planets and machines. A knowledge that goes beyond the human body and all of its senses. This resulted in human kind breaking out of their old belief systems, striving for connective narratives and radical, inhuman thoughts… and waiting for redemption to happen.

They looked at each other and smiled in confirmation — this must be the place. They all formed a circle in the middle of the space and looked at each other. This will only work when everyone has faith in the sacred virtuality. They pinched their thumb with index finger and swiped them slowly apart while moving their hands up. Meanwhile they started to chant, “interconnect the torus, interconnect the torus, interconnect the torus”. The earth started to tremble underneath their feet. A hill slowly started to arise from the fluorescent grid, following their fingers. A soothing scent slowly filled the air. Tubes and wires came out of the hill and were stretching and dancing in the air until they found their resting position. Fans started to spin and created a soft gentle sound of a working machine. A Sacred Machine.

An astral figure emerges from the grid. This is the guide, holding a deck of cards. A glowing yellow symbol popped out of one of them. "A transformative trip awaits you. I can feel your excitement. You have a hypersensitivity for light. Focus on it and this can become an extraordinary experience for you. Also, you will find a moment where you can control time - only if you focus on it in the right way, and truly believe in it.”

“Now go! On your mystic journey. Sacred Hill is waiting for you."